The power of Press Releases

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Press releases are excellent ways to get information out about your company and your services. A well written press release is concise and factual – and is designed to let people and media outlets know about what you would like to promote.

Most press release sites publish there press releases on their website – and these pages many times are ranked by Google. Press releases can be on a variety of topics – hobbies – intentions – achievements – inventions –statements – these all can be turned into press releases for you or your company or if you are creative –yourself. This satisfied Google’s need for quality content and rewards you with additional strength in rankings.

Make sure that the media outlets used are reputable and not spammy in nature. Better you focus on a few trustworthy press release sites than low quality ones.


We find there are 4 major reasons to use a press release:
  1. SEO RANKINGS: You can get instant rankings from low to mid competition local keywords of the press release itself as soon as it’s published;
  2. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: You can create the perception of main stream recognition and importance
  3. GOOGLE MAP CITATIONS: Naturally improve your local visibility and rankings and grab Google’s attention to your site
  4. BACKLINKS FOR SEO: Backlinks give you links from huge authoritative websites

The goal is to generate PRIMED LEADS, not just a simple lead. It means that the prospect has already noticed your service through the news releases and has been exposed to your brand already. By placing your company links on hundreds of news release sites, it will just improve your authority and your rankings organically and engagement with your brand. The citations will be worht more as well as your backlinks.

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