Landing Pages

If you’re starting on a small budget, landing pages are a MUST because they’ll increase your Return On Investment (ROI)while driving traffic to your site and achieving higher conversion rates.

  • What makes a good landing page and
  • How to set up your landing page.

A qualified expert will discuss all the questions you have and provide specific solutions for your needs and goals.


The squeeze page is a landing page that is specifically designed to offer a large amount of information for a direct marketing campaign. The squeeze page really helps the potential customers drop their guard when they reach a direct marketing website.

They will often state the privacy standards and policy that they will not share the email address with anyone and will outline exactly what the customer will be receiving if they decided to actually purchase the product.

The basic composition of a squeeze page is simple, it is a single web page that is designed to catch the email address of the visitor. The page will have absolutely no exit hyperlinks which could distract the visitor and make them leave the page. Instead, the page is highly optimized for search engine optimization to help ensure that it will show up in searches for the product that is being offered.


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